We have a BIG table.

Because that's what it's going to take.

Take a seat.

Climate change is an all-hands-on-deck challenge.  Everyone is needed, regardless of politics, cultural identity, or economic status.

The Maine Climate Table provides opportunities for anyone to learn, to participate, and to act.  Viewpoint diversity is an asset, not a liability, when it comes to solving a problem as large and long-term as climate change.

We need a bigger force.  Not a divided citizenry.


The Maine Climate Table (MCT) will “sunset” as an organization in 2022. MCT formed in 2013 as a “place” to help keep the critical climate conversation going during the previous administration. Now, with the “Maine Won’t Wait” climate plan, Maine is in a very different place. MCT CELEBRATES all the innovative climate work being done by the state, by nonprofits, and by the business community.

Thank you ALL for the great work that you are doing, and for helping the Maine Climate Table keep the climate conversation alive over the last 9 years!

John Hagan

How do Gen Z’s view climate change?  Boomers?  What can they learn from each other to solve the climate problem?  Click here to learn how Maine Climate Table is bringing these generations together so everyone can be more effective agents of change.

Ever find it difficult to talk about climate change in “mixed” company.  Maine Climate Table will work with your group to provide a 2-hour workshop on how to communicate about climate change.  Click here to learn more.


“The Climate Common” is a video interview series designed to bring new, diverse voices to the climate conversation in Maine.  We need a many different perspectives to solve a societal problem this complex.  Click here to watch some of the interviews.

In the fall of 2020, the Maine Climate Table hosted a series of presentations and discussions led by members of Maine’s business community.  We cannot solve the climate problem without the participation and leadership of the business community.  All of the webinar recordings are available online.  Click here for more information.

Maine Climate Table offers regular monthly climate webinars on topics of interest to the climate community.  Click here for more information on past or upcoming webinars.


Have you ever been in an awkward conversation about climate change?  Maybe at the Thanksgiving dinner table?  Actually, these are great opportunities to listen and learn.  The Maine Climate Table’s “Climate Communications 101” workbook can help you engage someone who might have a different viewpoint.  And if you have a group that would like to take advantage of our climate communications workshops, click here.

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