In January 2021, the Maine Climate Table will launch a year-long intergenerational working group to explore climate issues with the knowledge and perspectives of multiple generations. Too often generations find themselves working apart from one another in pursuit of climate action, but we need diverse generational perspectives to identify lasting climate solutions. The INTERGEN CLIMATE PROJECT is designed to bridge this generational gap. By facilitating the exchange of ideas and establishing meaningful relationships. this program aims to mobilize the power of intergenerational solidarity to realize solutions and bring about change.

Our Vision

This program will provide a vehicle for generations to interact, connect, and work together on the biggest issue of our lifetime. Over the course of the year this group will explore topics such as climate policy, social responsibility, sustainability, climate equity, and other barriers that are preventing broad, cross-sector and bipartisan climate problem solving.

Also, throughout the program’s term, older members of the group will support younger members in securing leadership positions where they can accelerate their impact on the climate issue. We expect new relationships of trust, both within and among generations, that endure beyond the life of the project.

Get Involved

A group of 16 (eight youth members, eight older-age members) will come together monthly over the course of the year to explore a variety of pressing topics relevant to climate change. Members will be encouraged to write co-authored, intergenerational publications such as op-eds, articles for dissemination throughout the Maine Climate Table membership, produce short video interviews, and co-host webinars or in-person meetings for a larger audience.

For more information, contact Katie Perry, Project Leader and INTERGEN member, at the Maine Climate Table: [email protected]