MCT’s 2020 Maine Climate Summit, now VIRTUAL!

Maine businesses know the climate is changing.  Climate change presents both financial risk and opportunity.  Many Maine business sectors, like fisheries, forestry, and agriculture depend directly on the climate.  Others depend on global supply chains affected by climate in other parts of the world.

In short, the business community is on the front lines of climate adaptation and mitigation.  It is also in the most powerful position to transform to a new climate economy, fast.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we have had to cancel our day-long in-person 2020 Maine Climate Summit.  Instead, we will host a series of webinar events in September and October.

The 2020 Climate Summit Webinar Series will present a series of case-studies from small and large Maine businesses that are adapting to climate change in every day.

We will learn about the future of affordable electric vehicles and explore how our natural resource sectors are already adapting to a changing climate.  We will learn how the finance sector is shifting to leverage investment in climate innovation in Maine.

Prepare to learn, to be inspired, and to come away hopeful about what the for-profit sector in Maine is doing to help solve the biggest challenge of the 21st century!

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Adam Lee, Lee Auto Malls

Thursday, September 24, 10 AM – 11:30 AM

Session 1 – The role of the Maine Business Community in fighting climate change (10-11 AM)

Session 2 – The prospect of affordable electric vehicles in Maine (11 AM – noon)

Megan Hellstedt, Ahold/Delhaize (Hannaford)

Thursday, October 1, 10 AM – 12:30 AM

Session 1 – Maine brands meet the global challenge (10-11 AM)

Session 2 – Maine’s natural resource sectors- forestry, fishing, and agriculture (11 AM – noon)

Wednesday, October 7, 10 AM – 12:00 noon

Session 1 – Maine Businesses on Main Street (10-11 AM)

Session 2 – Building Maine’s climate workforce for the climate change (11 AM – noon)

Thursday, October 15, 10 AM – 12:00 noon

Session 1 – Financing the change we need (10-11 AM)

Session 2 – The State‘s View- engaging the leadership of Maine’s business community in meeting Maine’s climate goals (11-11:30 AM)

Session 3 – The role of Maine’s business community going foward (11:30 AM – noon)