A Maine Business Imperative

Fall 2020 On-line Event Series


September 24

October 1

October 7

October 15

Maine Businesses and Climate Change

The State of Maine has set an ambitious goal of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  Approximately 84% of Maine’s economy is generated by the private sector.  To achieve this ambitious goal, we’re going to need the  participation and leadership of Maine’s business community.

The Maine Climate Table is hosting a series of on-line events this fall to explore the opportunities for climate mitigation and adaptation in Maine’s business sector. How might we finance climate action in Maine? Will we have the workforce to implement the changes needed?  How are our natural resource sectors—forestry, fishing, and agriculture—preparing for climate change? What are some Maine businesses doing now to slow climate change?

These are just some of the questions that our on-line panelists will be addressing.  Adam Lee of Lee Auto Malls, well-known Maine business leader and climate advocate, will kick off our series with a keynote on Thursday, September 24th.

Schedule of Online Events


Thursday, September 24
10 AM – noon

Welcome to the Maine Climate Table’s Fall Climate Summit
John Hagan, Chair, Maine Climate Table

KEYNOTE: Business Principals for Confronting Climate Change
Adam Lee, Chairman, Lee Auto Malls

Climate and the Economy: A Conversation with Charles Colgan
Charles Colgan, University of Southern Maine

The Future of Affordable Electric Vehicles in Maine

Moderator: Adam Lee, Chairman, Lee Auto Malls


Jennifer Brennan, Electric Vehicle Initiative, California
Jeff Turner, Dunsky Energy, Montreal
Barry Woods, Revision Energy


Thursday, October 1
10 AM – noon

Confronting Climate Change in Maine’s Natural Resource Sectors:
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Moderator: Andy Whitman, Manomet


Greg Adams, Irving Woodlands
Bill Mook, Mook Sea Farms
Jenni Tilton-Flood, Flood Brothers Farm

Climate Preparedness on the Corporate Stage: in Maine and Beyond

Moderator: Cathy Lee, Lee International


Megan Hellstedt, Ahold/Delhaize (Hannaford)
John Fitzpatrick, The Jackson Laboratory
Lydia Covert, UNUM
Ethan Austin, Sugarloaf USA


Wednesday, October 7
10 AM – noon

Maine Businesses on Main Street

Moderator: Marty Grohman, E2Tech


Shanna Cox, L-A Metro Chamber of Commerce
Shawn Moody, Moody’s Collision Centers
Gene Geiger, Geiger Brothers
Phil Coupe, Revision Energy

Building Maine’s Climate Workforce

Welcome: Steve Ward, Steering Committee, Maine Climate Table

Moderator: John Dorrer, Center for Workforce Research and Information


Dan Belyea, Maine Community College System
Matt Kearns, Longroad Energy
Gilda Nardone, New Ventures
Vaughan Woodruff, Insource Renwables

EVENT # 4 (final)

Thursday, October 15
10 AM – noon

How to Finance our Climate Future

Moderator: Michael Stoddard, Efficiency Maine


Sara Lewis, Spinnaker Trust
Robert Montgomery-Rice, Bangor Savings Bank
Steve Clemmer, Union of Concerned Scientists

The Vital Role of Maine’s Business Community

Hannah Pingree, Director, Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future

Conclusions: Fall Climate Series

John Hagan, Chair, Maine Climate Table

Test Block

  • Adam Lee

  • Megan Hellstedt

  • Hannah Pingree

  • Charles Colgan

  • Shawn Moody

  • Shanna Cox

  • Cathy Lee

  • Bill Mook

  • Marty Grohman

  • Sara Lewis

  • Bob Montgomery-Rice

  • Greg Adams

  • Andy Whitman

  • John Hagan

  • Vaughan Woodruff

  • Jenni Tilton-Flood

  • John Dorrer

  • Dan Belyea

  • Steve Ward

  • Gilda Nardone

  • Matt Kearns

  • John Fitzpatrick

  • Barry Woods

  • Phil Coupe

  • Michael Stoddard

  • Steve Clemmer

Some of our event speakers…