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Fall 2020 On-line Event Series


September 24

October 1

October 7

October 15

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Event Topics

Thursday, September 24, 10 AM – noon

  • A Maine Business Perspective on Climate Change
  • Climate and The Economy: A conversation with Economist Charles Colgan
  • The Future of Affordable Electric Vehicles in Maine

Thursday, October 1, 10 AM – noon

  • Confronting Climate Change in Maine’s Natural Resource Sectors
  • Beyond just Maine- Maine Corporations with Global Connections

Wednesday, October 7, 10 AM – noon

  • Maine Businesses on Main Street
  • Do We Have the Climate Workforce we need?

Thursday, October 15, 10 AM – noon

  • Financing the Change We Need
  • The View from the State of Maine on Business and Climate
  • Synthesis and Concluding Remark