Interviews bringing fresh perspectives to the climate conversation in Maine

The Climate Common Series was started to diversify and expand the conversation about climate change in Maine.

Dealing with climate change is going to take everyone.  We need a larger force.  Not a divided citizenry.  And the best way to do that is to get new voices participating in, and leading, the conversation.

That’s what The Climate Common is all about.

– John Hagan

EPISODE 4: The Deere Milkmaid

Urbanites typically misunderstand the conservation and sustainability ethic of rural Americans, especially farmers.  Read the story and watch the interview with Jenni Tilton-Flood on the Flood Brothers Farm in Clinton Maine.

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EPISODE 3: CLIMATE LISTENING: An Interview with Shawn Moody

Watch the interview with Shawn Moody, 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate in Maine.  You might be surprised how much you have in common.

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EPISODE 2: The Climate and the Lobsterman

Sit down and join Richard and me for a conversation at his kitchen table overlooking Friendship harbor on a cold February day.

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EPISODE 1: Undaunted Courage

George, Executive Director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine at the time, represented with beguiling charm the interests of hunters and anglers.  Lo these many decades later, I thought George might give me some insight into how the generally conservative sportsman’s community viewed climate change.  He agreed to meet.  But I got more than I ever imagined.

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