Have a webinar idea?

During the coronavirus pandemic we can continue to learn and connect with each other through the Maine Climate Table Webinar series.  Take a break from the daily or hourly news and tell us what you (and others) might like to learn about and discuss.  The topics are infinite.  Tell us your idea, and we’ll try to set up a webinar.  Help us keep our climate community together by learning together during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some of the topics submitted so far…

  1. How is another state, say California, planning to achieve its carbon neutrality goal?
  2. How is the insurance industry thinking about climate change and pricing insurance?
  3. Let’s go scientific- What does the latest U. Maine research on ice cores tell us about historical climate change?
  4. Explain how the new WA State law works that will reward forest landowners for forest carbon sequestration.
  5. What does the 2 degree C Paris goal really mean?
  6. Climate justice- who’s at risk to climate change in Maine.
  7. Blue Carbon?  Are there opportunities for carbon market salt marsh restoration in Maine?
  8. Carbon market opportunities for family forest landowners.
  9. Continuing climate action during a recession.
  10. On being prepared for multiple catastrophes at the same time (near-term and longer-term).
  11. Round table discussion with Maine’s Millennial and i-Gen climate action groups.
  12. What can SMALL towns do to contribute to climate change?
  13. What state initiatives help climate-vulnerable communities (and sectors) adapt to climate change?

Your webinar idea...

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