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Monday, June 29, 2020  noon-1 PM

“PART 2: Putting a price-tag on Natural Climate Solutions: Forestry”

Dr. Adam Daigneault, E.L. Giddings Assistant Professor of Forest, Conservation, and Recreation Policy, University of Maine

On May 12 Dr. Daigneault presented results from his analyses of the cost (per ton of carbon) of various potential natural climate solutions in the agriculture sector.  On June 29, he will present his results for various forestry practices.  This is important work because Maine’s forests will figure prominently in helping the state meet its 2045 carbon neutral goal.  Dr. Daigneault’s work helps us understand the most cost-effective ways of meeting those goals while continuing a thriving forest-products economy.

Friday June 26, 2020  noon-1:30 PM (90 min)

“A Just Climate: A Conversation with Maine’s Youth Changemakers”

Sabrina Hunte (moderator)
Kosis Ifeji (panelist)
Paige Nygaard (panelist)
Siri Pierce (panelist)
Luke Sekera-Flanders (panelist)

For many reasons, justice is at the forefront of national attention.  Climate change is an issue of growing injustice.  Some people will be impacted much more than others.  How can we avoid the climate injustices that we see unfolding already, and that will increase in the decades to come?  Like any issue of injustice, a key part of the solution is to engage the diverse perspectives of the people who will be affected.  Their ideas and voices need to be at the table leading the conversation.

Join the Maine Climate Table, the Maine Environmental Education Association’s Environmental Changemakers on June 26 to hear from Maine’s youth on what they think will need to be done to create a just climate in the 21st century.

Sabrina – Moderator

Siri – Panelist

Luke – Panelist

Kosis – Panelist

Paige – Panelist

Tuesday, May 12, 2020  noon-1 PM

“Putting a price-tag on Natural Climate Solutions”
Dr. Adam Daigneault, E.L. Giddings Assistant Professor of Forest, Conservation, and Recreation Policy, University of Maine

Natural climate solutions are defined as “conservation, restoration, or improved land management actions that increase carbon storage or avoid greenhouse gas emissions across forests, wetlands, grasslands, and agricultural lands.”  Natural solutions are often described as “low-hanging-fruit” relative to other more costly solutions, such as switching to electric vehicles.  Still, the devil is in the details, and it’s essential that we calculate the costs of different natural climate solutions before we embark on policy recommendations.  Join the Maine Climate Table and Dr. Adam Daigneault for a layman’s “101” class on pricing different natural climate solutions for the agriculture sector in Maine, and why it matters.

Contact Dr. Daigneault: adam.daigneault@maine.edu

Thursday, April 2, 2020  noon-1 PM

“A new idea for forest carbon offsets”
A discussion with Alec Giffen, former Director of the Maine Forest Service

Maine Climate Table webinar featuring Alec Giffen of the New England Forestry Foundation and Clean Air Task Force. Alec describes a new idea for forest carbon offsets that would reward forest landowners for both carbon AND for active, “Exemplary Forestry.” The goal is to grow the forest economy AND sequester more carbon at the same time.

Friday, March 20, 2020  noon-1 PM

“What are ‘Natural Climate Solutions’ and what is the potential in Maine?”
Ellen Griswold (Maine Farmland Trust) and John Hagan (Maine Climate Table)

Ellen and John discuss natural climate solutions (natural resource approaches) to climate mitigation in Maine and beyond.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020  noon-1 PM

“How to get solar panels on your high school (or landfill)– from start to finish”
Kevin Buck and Joe Blotnick (A Climate To Thrive)

Kevin and Joe explain the process A Climate To Thrive used to successfully put solar on Mount Desert High School in 2019.  If they can do it, you can do it.  Learn how from Kevin and Joe.

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Tuesday, JANUARY 21, 2020  noon-1 PM

“What I Learned at COP25, Madrid Spain, in December”
Dr. Cynthia Isenhour, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Climate Change, University of Maine

Join Dr. Cindy Isenhour, for a 1-hr discussion of what happened at COP25 (Conference of the Parties) in Madrid last December.  We are very fortunate to talk to someone who was present at COP25 in person.

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